Third Annual General Meeting
Riga, Latvia, May 7th-9th 2012

VBORNET, the European network for arthropod vector surveillance for human public health, organises each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and invites 60 members of the network to participate. EC/DG-Sanco, EFSA, WHO and other international institutions are also invited to join.

This year the AGM was organized in Riga, Latvia. VBORNET delegates were invited based on their contribution to the network, their expertise, and their geographical distribution.

Talks and discussions of the first day focused on this year’s achievements, on-going activities, and problem solving. During the second day much attention was given to define future objectives and activities, and which inputs are required from the network to achieve these. All presentations are available through the VBORNET website, together with the agenda and the minutes summarizing outcomes of the discussions (

For the first time, this year’s VBORNET AGM, was linked to the AGM of ENIVD, the European Network for Diagnostics of "Imported" Viral Diseases ( Both networks are funded by ECDC. Between both AGMs a Joint Meeting was organised where members of both networks were invited to give scientific presentations on themes of common interest (see Agenda in VBORNET AGM2012 minutes).